Day: 21 May 2018

  • GAY TRAVEL: Gran Canaria

    GAY TRAVEL: Gran Canaria

    Travel expert, Ray Si checks out gay Gran Can… There can’t be many tourist destinations which encompass so many different landscapes and diverse geographical features, cultural blends and range of exciting holiday activities in such a small area. Gran Canaria may have a diameter of only 50km, so it is safe to say that this […]

  • Here’s who came TOP in the European Gay Porn Awards

    Last week, London played host to the Annual Prowler European Porn awards. Fire Nightclub in London was filled to the brim with porn stars from all over Europe last week, as the annual European Porn Awards exploded in a night of celebrating everything gay porn. was there to witness it all… Every naughty detail. […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Durham Pride 2018

    If you’re planning to go to Durham pride here’s everything you need to know before the 2018 event.