We looked into Jeremy Corbyn's voting record on gay issues to see how LGBT friendly he is.

Just how gay-friendly is the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn?

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We looked into Jeremy Corbyn‘s voting record on gay issues to see how LGBT friendly he is.

Since entering the House of Commons as an MP for Islington North in 1983, Jeremy Corbyn has consistently voted pro-gay in laws relating to equality.

During his time as an MP he has voted to reduce and equalise the age of consent for gay men, he voted to allow gay people to become adoptive parents, he voted positively for civil partnerships and for same-sex marriage. He was absent on the vote to repeal Section 28.

Overall Jeremy has voted on 27 issues relating to the LGBT community. On every major piece of legislation Jeremy Corbyn voted in favour or positively for equality.

However, in 2003 he was absent for the vote on repealing Section 28 “Local Government Bill — Maintain Prohibition on Promotion of Homosexuality (Section 28)”

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This article was updated on the 28th May, 2019 – to reflect Jeremy Corbin’s absent vote on Section 28.

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