Come on, have you heard of Airbnb in terms of renting space to stay somewhere fabulous… or at least interesting? It’s a simple way to search for accommodation space in cities around the world.

Now, take that concept and add in gay landlords and you have misterbnb… a site and app that lets you book accommodation across the globe, safe in the knowledge it’ll have style (I know, a total stereotype!). It also takes the guess work out of a potential host being gay friendly or not?

The app offers a massive choice of locations and types of homes starting from around 30 euros, a choice of 65 countries (and growing) on the go and mirrors the sites offerings. Fancy a short stay in Paris? Tick! New York in the New Year? Got it! Pride in Berlin? You betcha!

This app works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and has such a simple interface – tell it where you want to stay and it’ll search and list for you. I’m in love with the Loire, and it even returned solutions there from 40 euros a night.

This app works both ways too – and who doesn’t love that! If you’re a landlord with space to rent, sign up and get renting! It doesn’t have to be a total house or flat either – this site rents spare rooms – and even on occasion, sofa beds!

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That last piece is the only word of caution I’d offer – read everything on the place you’ve chosen before you pay up! There are some really useful reviews on there, so use this app to its fullest!

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All bookings are automatically insured by misterbnb – so you do have peace of mind – but you are able to contact your host direct with questions and there are some really good examples in the reviews of hosts/landlords going so far out of their way for their clients! Some wait up tip the wee hours for their renters to arrive on flights – and there are also some brutally honest reviews! Some are quite entertaining!
Download the app or pop over to the site and give it a look-see.

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