There’s only one drinking hole in the Old Smoke where your extremities will last 40mins, you have to dress like a Snow Queen, and you imbibe out of crystal-clear glasses made from Northern Sweden’s Torne River water. ★★★★

The Icebar London has undergone its annual facelift and is rocking a rock-themed new look, featuring a 6ft-tall ice skull, a studded punk rock ice bar, ice silhouettes of a drum kit and electric guitar, plus a throne… what more could a Snow Queen want while slurping cocktails, named after classic rock songs, in a room maintained at -5°C?


Cryokinetic powers and Disney princesses from Arendelle aren’t to blame for this sensory environment and fun experience. Artisan Jen Thoms Ivarsson, Director of Design for the Ice Hotel Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden, is the clear vision behind the ice. Jen hand-made the 6ft ice skull and its smaller sibling in Sweden – and with a team of four built and sculpted the walls, seats, tables and bar from Torne’s frozen waters – not a talking snowman or magical aristocracy is sight.


Billed as their best theme to date, and marking London Icebar’s 10th anniversary as the UK’s only permanent bar made from frozen H20. Raynaud’s sufferers wouldn’t leave with happy appendages, but otherwise this is a freezer worth caping up for.


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What a great way to spend time with your new squeeze, long-term lover or your aisle-companion than to don Princess Elsa style hoods so you can nuzzle each other warm and let the day’s worries go, just let it go.



31-33 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BN

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About the author: Thabian Sutherland
I’ve lived in the Old Smoke since 1999 with a career in fashion, fitness and events. I discovered the joys of writing beginning of 2014. Since then I’ve been tapping digits to keys. Subjects include food, theatre, exhibitions, London life and other topics that tickle my taste-buds. Other publications include Timeout, Gay Times and So So Gay Magazine.