The ever iconic pop goddess, Cher, has made a statement that will likely shock a lot of her fan base.

Living legend Cher, made the confession that she “never actually loved” recording some of her most iconic songs of the 1970’s such as “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” and “Dark Lady’, both of which obtained high chart positions.

While being interviewed by Billboard to commemorate fifty years in the music industry, the artist claimed:

“I was doing these kind of poppy songs. I was not content, necessarily, to do them… Like, I never liked Dark Lady, and it was a big hit”.


She went onto say that the reason she put songs such as these out in the seventies was due to a lack of creative control, something she was not able to obtain until later in her career.

During the interview, she also spoke about how the most fun she ever had making a song was Believe, the dance track that became a global no.1 in 1999 and shot her back into the public eye after a row of flop singles in the 1990s.

Since the release of the track, she has since gone on to have success with the film Burlesque and her most recent album, Closer To The Truth.

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Whilst she is still very much heralded as a queen of pop, the singer did have to cancel the last leg of her Dressed to Kill tour in 2013 due to a viral infection.

She has confirmed that she intends to hit the road again soon but admits that she can’t say that she’ll actually be able to, claiming her “will is pretty strong”.

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Find Cher’s full interview with Billboard here

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