Daily Mail readers are literally flipping over the fact that some of London’s traffic lights have LGBT symbols.

Sometimes we try to imagine the minds of those commenting on DM’s stories, but we get very claustrophobic.

So the DM reported that some of London’s traffic lights have LGBT symbols where the green light should be. Around 50 traffic lights in central London have been modified so that the green light has LGBT icons glowing instead of just a green light. The symbols include, two men or two women holding hands – or the gender symbols linking together…


Well commenters on the piece are mad. So very mad about this crazed PC world we live in.

One concerned citizen even called for a law to ban all political correctness and repeal all “p.c” laws that have been passed in the last 50 years.

Others were, of course, concerned that the tax payer might have been footing the bill for the scheme, whilst another was concerned that in time to come that “straight people will not be the norm”


Of course our absolute favorite was this rant which questioned why the gay community needed to parade its sexuality… Unlike the hetero community, which quietly goes on about it’s business – unless of course they’re on Jeremy Kyle.

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