Craig Colton fatter during x factor

Remember Craig Colton from the 8th series of X Factor? Well he’s gone through a massive transformation having slimmed down and shed 4 stone in weight.

The former X Factor star has started to showcase his dramatic weight loss since his time on the 8th series of X Factor – yes that was the year that gave us Marcus Collins and Kitty Brucknell.

In the end Craig managed to place 5th.

The singer who has been working on a debut album has also been working out – and has slimmed down by over 4 stones from 16 stone to a healthy twelve stone.

You may remember that he actually managed to lose a stone during his stint on the X factor thanks to his mentor Gary Barlow.

Craig, now 27-years-old  has lost an incredible 4 stone revealing a stunning jaw line and smile. However he recently spoke about how he was still plagued with insecurities. Speaking on Loose Women he told the panel,

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“My insecurities began to heighten. When people lose weight, your insecurities can become stronger.”

But he did give credit to his boyfriend for having a big impact on his weight loss programme. He said,

“I think a healthy good relationship has made a good impact on my life,

“I was in quite a toxic relationship, and they would pick up on my insecurities and use them.”

Now Craig, who lives with his boyfriend, is showcasing a happier, healthier side to his life.

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