★★★★★ | Batsch – Collar EP

As a child of the ’80’s, I love synth pop, its mother’s milk to me. Give me some retro synth and I’m in heaven, sprinkle some John Foxx-esque lyrics and I’ll love you long time!

Batsch does both – I’d marry them tomorrow if I could! This Midlands based quartet are channelling Talking Heads in their lyrical twists, their playful mix of synth, guitar and decent bass line.

They follow up their 2013 EP “Tiles” with this lovely offering, “Collar”

Celine is a playful tune that is very reminiscent of the early ’80’s – reminds me so much of the stuff Blitz kids listened to, early Ultravox, very early Spandau… not taking itself too seriously, but seriously enough.

22 sounds like a good Howard Jones track with a spoonful of Aztec Camera or Lloyd Cole – the music is sparse, so you contrite on the lyrics and Batsch do a very good lyric!

Did You Hear About Argine is a slower track, with some spoken word, nice mix of styles and a change of tempo.

Mirrorball channels so much Lloyd Cole it’s untrue – whether it’s intentional or not. The lyrics again make this song so strong, the music, as with so much ’80’s stuff, is almost secondary.

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Can’t Tell is a change again in that it moves things up a gear and changes the tempo – showing their influences of Talking Heads and Chic!

The band describe their sound as gutter glamour, and I’d have to agree – if you’re a pure ’80’s groupie like me, and love the sounds of La Roux, etc in terms of current acts, then give this band a go. I love hearing new music, it’s the John Peel in me… and this group don’t disappoint at all. One to follow!

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Their sounds are available from Amazon and iTunes

I love them so much, I’d give them 5 starts for this current EP

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