Four Must Sees At The Fringe! Queer Art And Film Festival

3rd November 2014 0 By Roger Walker-Dack

The 4th addition of East London’s FRINGE! Queer Art & Film Festival is its largest event to date having spread to a whole week of activities. It is one of this Country’s leading exponents of edgy queer cinema proudly showcasing films that may otherwise never get screened, and yet so need to reach the audience that they deserve. Amongst this year’s premieres we have chosen 4 as THE GAY UK top tips for you to go see.

BAMBI: This very exceptional story of an unquestionably remarkable woman and her transformation from little Algerian boy to respected Parisian Literature Professor via Music Hall Star is utterly spellbinding It quite deservedly won filmmaker Sebastian Lifschitz the TEDDY AWARD for Best LGBT Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival.

THE DOG: A compelling documentary on John Wojtowicz a loud-mouthed obnoxious New Yorker who robbed a Bank to pay for his boyfriend’s sex change. His exploits were fictionalised and made into the Oscar winning movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon.’

THE CIRCLE: Part documentary part fiction, this is a fascinating glimpse into the post WW2 mixed fortunes of a gay community in Europe before the onslaught of freedom that was about to occur with the swinging 1960s. Another TEDDY WINNER, this is also Switzerland’s official submission for a Best Foreign Picture Oscar Nomination.

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BOY MEETS GIRL: Eric Schaeffer’s refreshing and enchanting drama about three 20 year-olds looking for love in a small backwater town in Kentucky gently challenges us to suspend our preconceived views on gender labels and be as open to what happens as these lovelorn kids are. It’s warm and often very funny and an entertaining, intelligent, sensitive treatment of an oft misunderstood subject and probably the most enlightening and best movie that we have seen on it so far.

FRINGE! Queer Art & Film Festival runs 3rd – 9th November. For tickets and venues checkou