Harvey Fierstein, the theatre genius who brought us Torch Song Trilogy and La Cage aux Folles, is the man behind two productions opening concurrently in London.

Kinky Boots, a musical version of the 2005 film, (which everyone’s heard about and dying to see) opens next week at the Adelphi Theatre. And his other new show, Casa Valentina, is at the Southwark Playhouse with previews beginning Sept. 10th. And like Kinky, Casa Valentina comes direct from Broadway where it was nominated for four Tony Awards.

It’s a story about the lives of several men who escape their humdrum Manhattan lives (and summer heat) and head on the weekends to the Catskill mountains. Not only are they escaping the summer heat, they are also escaping from their lives.

You see, these men like to dress as women. And in Casa Valentina, they leave their family and friends behind and become their inner selves. And in this first look at the production, we see some of the cast getting transformed into their costumes.

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Expect a full review of the show next week!


Casa Valentina is currently playing at the Southwark Playhouse.