We Are Gay UK

Brand Protection

TheGayUK brand is for every gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or friendly person living in or planning a visit to the United Kingdom.

We strive for awareness, for diversity, for fun and for fairness. Over a million people identify themselves as LGBT in the UK and TheGayUK strives to be the voice, the torch, the mouthpiece for every single person within that demographic.

Independence, honesty, relevancy and a community-led editorial policy allows TheGayUK to be this voice of the LGBT community.

Our audience strongly associates TheGayUK with trust, honesty and as an unbiased brand. It is important for us to work together to grow and safeguard TheGayUK brand.

TheGayUK logo is a trademark of Pineapple Rock Ltd. It is our brand and our name, the copyright of which belongs to You may use the logo only with express permission, however, please take note of the following house rules surrounding our brand.

TheGayUK must:
·•be reproduced from an original file supplied by TheGayUK editorial team, please speak to the business team, who will be happy to supply you with a JPG, PNG or PDF of our logo,

·•be clear and legible,

·•our logo font is: AppleLiGothic,
·•our slogan is: ‘Everything Gay… in the UK’ and must be reproduced exactly,

·•the logos cannot be changed or distorted in anyway,

·•appear vertically,
·•be embedded in text or sentences,
·•used as a design feature or pattern,
·•must not be used to imply TheGayUK supports or endorses your business, brand or service.

Any adjustments to our logo must be signed off by TheGayUK business team,

The Yellow Colour in RGB is:

RED: 252 GREEN: 189 BLUE: 0

DO stylise us like this: ·

The Gay UK, The Gay UK Magazine, TheGayUK, TheGayUK Magazine

DON’T write TheGayUK like this: GayUK or Gay UK.