We Are Gay UK

Content Types

If you’re wondering what you’re reading on THEGAYUK we’ve drawn up this article to let you know about the different types of content that we publish.

In terms of paid content we have three options: Sponsored by, Brought To You By and Supported articles.

Sponsored by articles are those that created by THEGAYUK editorial team but paid for by a commercial third party to have their name run along with the content. Every ‘paid for’ article must have a “sponsored by” tag at the top of the page. This is to make sure we’re compliant with the Advertising Standards Authority’s guidelines. If you’d like to purchase a “Sponsored by” article please click here.

This allows us to create and continue creating fantastic independent content ensuring the future of THEGAYUK.

Brought To You By are articles that have been created by a third party editorial team and will not have any editorial input from THEGAYUK editorial team. It will be checked for accuracy and editorial standards – so that it meets our style and editorial guide. “Brought To You By” articles must be marked as such.

Supported articles are articles that have been produced by THEGAYUK editorial staff, but produced with finance from non-profit, government, NGOs, or foundations globally.

All articles have space at the bottom of the article where the brand’s links, social links and bio will be displayed. All paid for placements are published on these advertising terms.

As a responsible publisher, all content which has been paid for will be marked as such.