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Listing Terms And Conditions

Listing Terms And Conditions

Listing T&Cs

 Definition of terms

“TheGayUK” is the trading name of Pineapple Rock Ltd. hereby referred to in this document as “We” “Us” or “Our”.

The “Advertiser” is “You” “Your”.  Either as a Free Listing or Premium Listing user on the TheGayUK website.

“Premium Listing” is used to describe an advertising space which has been paid for by the Advertiser.

“Free Listing” is used to describe an advertising space which has been created on TheGayUK website for free.

A “Year” is Three Hundred and Sixty Five (365) days from the initial upload of your Free or Premium listing.

A “Month” is a calendar month from the initial upload of your Free or Premium listing.

“Review” is a review on Your service(s), venue(s), business(es) event(s).

“Ringback” Premium service whereby Customers are able to ask an Advertiser to call them back at a time convenient for the Customer.

“Bookable Form” Premium service whereby a Customer can make provisional bookings to a business, event or venue through TheGayUK system.

“Friendly” will be defined as:

Management or owners are self identified as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT).

Running a LBGT event.

A significant number of patrons of the business are self identified as LGBT.

A significant donation from profits of said business, event or venue is contributed to a charity, organisation or business identified as LGBT

“Customers” are the visitors to TheGayUK


Acceptance of Listing

The acceptance of Your Free or Premium listing is subject to:

The business, event or venue is identifiable as Lesbian, Gay, Transgender or Bisexual (LGBT) or

LGBT “friendly”. (see clause 1.7)

TheGayUK reserves the right to refuse a Listing, notably in case of unpaid invoices or insolvency.

You may place your Listing by:


Using the online form at:

TheGayUK offers its services within the limits of its available online space.

Free and Premium Listings wording must be in English and of a readable standard.



Accuracy and expectation

The Advertiser will ensure that TheGayUK is furnished with all information required by our Advertising Policy as set out below:

The Advertiser will update regularly and as necessary TheGayUK to changes to the Listing, to include:

Management changes.


Name changes.


Listing cancellation.


Terms of business

Any other matter that might affect the Listing on TheGayUK

The Advertiser hereby agrees that all materials used in the Listing are owned or are the own work of the Advertiser, or contracted third parties, these materials include:


Pictures (clip art)


Pictures (photos)




Film and or video (digital or otherwise)


Video or Sound assets embedded into any Listing must not breech any copyrights and You take sole responsibility in making sure that all copyright holders are informed and the necessary permissions have been sought and granted.


You hereby grant permissions for TheGayUK and connected third parties to:

Store electronically or physically any shared materials or information in a retrieval system for as long as the Term.

Use Materials for broadcast or use on the web, radio, television, radio, telephone or other transmitting devices not now or yet known.


Materials will be of a ‘Broadcast’ standard.


Pictures will be less than 5 megabytes.


Permissions of any persons involved in the Materials will granted and is Your responsibility.  


Failure to secure permissions will result in the removal of your Listing and you maybe charged an administration charge of £10.00 per Listing for removal.


Pictures will not contain the likenesses of members of the public whose permission has not been sought or granted.


Pictures will not show or depict any illegal images as defined by the law of England.


The Advertiser will receive an alert to inform them that their Listing is live.  





You may upload One photo in your Free Listing however Premium Listings may upload up to Ten photographs.


The Free Listings picture must be an external picture of the venue.


Premium Listings may upload up to Ten pictures.


Premium Listings are permitted to embed video, however videos must be hosted on a website outside TheGayUK – i.e. YouTube.  

When describing your business, event or venue you must comply with the current law surrounding trade descriptions.  Any Listing deemed inappropriate will be removed.


Free Listings descriptions are limited to 700 characters.

Premium Listings descriptions may use up to 4000 characters.

HTML is not permitted.


Social Media links are not permitted in the Free Listings, however Premium Listings may include Facebook / Twitter and up to two other social media links.


Premium Listings will be displayed first.  Free Listings will be displayed in alphabetical order.


Premium Listings with ‘RingBack’ or a ‘Bookable Form’ installed must ensure that the contact details are updated as necessary.  These functions will allow Customers to contact the Advertiser directly via email / form submit with enquiries.  This is not a booking system.  The Advertiser must reply via their own systems to make arrangements for payment and for confirmation on the booking.


TheGayUK holds no responsibility for the transmission of information via these services and will not compensate an Advertiser on any loss of business.


All Listings must contain a contactable email, phone or mailing address.



Reviews and Comments

By Listing your business, event or venue on TheGayUK you are agreeing that TheGayUK and it’s Customers may unannounced or otherwise visit and review your business, event or venue.

Reviews by our Customers are final and may not be deleted save for:

The review being deemed as unfair, libel, slanderous or inappropriate.


Another visit from the Reviews team is made and the previous Review is updated with a new one.


Where TheGayUK undertakes a review on your Listing this review will be:

Unbiased and uncompensated, unless:

The Review / Listing reflects the fact that a Review has been paid for.



Removal of listing

TheGayUK reserves the right to remove a Listing without warning, written or otherwise.

Listings deemed as unsuitable, illegal or likely to cause offense will be removed without warning, written or otherwise.

Removal of Listing will not necessarily indicate that a refund will be granted.  


For payment information please email:


For full disclosure on TheGayUK’s decision on removing a listing please email:

TheGayUK’s decision is final.


The Advertiser is permitted to remove their Listing and maybe be granted a refund if the Listing is removed within 7 days, for a refund the Advertiser must email:



Updates can be made via the website at:


TheGayUK may update its policies at any time without warning or written confirmation.


Costs and Billing

Monthly Premium Listings cost £10.00 per month.  

Yearly Premium Listings cost £60.00 per year.

The Listing’s time begins at 12.00PM GMT the day after the Listing has gone live on TheGayUK

Billing is transacted through Paypal, payments can be made with all major credit and debit cards.  


We do not accept Cheques or Postal Orders.

Cash payments can be made however you will need to contact our Payments department for details

Bank Transfers are also available.   

Please contact our Payments department for information. 


TheGayUK does not accept responsibility for any loss of business or outcome of business due to your business, event or venue being listed on our site.  

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.

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