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Terms of Review

Review terms and conditions

Thank you for your interest in having your product or service reviewed by THEGAYUK.


THEGAYUK is not responsible for loss, damage or carriage of any goods sent to us. Nor are liable for the costs of reimbursement on incoming or return shipment(s) of said products. TheGayUK, or any person working on behalf of, shall not enter into any signed contracts regarding loans.

Products for review should arrive as factory default – as sold in stores.

Products should be unused and boxed exactly as sold in stores.

Hyperlinks will be included in our review. Our preference is to link to one of our affiliates first.

Our affiliates: Amazon, Apple, ATG Tickets, London Theatre Direct, Pharmacy2U,, Theatre Tickets Direct, Ticketmaster, We Want Any Car

Please ensure you send us full links you’d like featured.

Samplers or review items are non-returnable unless expressly agreed upon beforehand. Where agreed upon return it will be the sole responsibility of the company to arrange collection of their product. Where a product has not been collected within 4 months of arrival date, the product shall become property of TheGayUK and may be sold on for charity.


The following items cannot be returned:

Due to health and safety and personal hygiene reasons any underclothes, undergarments, swimwear or any such clothing or items that are deemed “personal” or required skin on contact.

Pierced jewellery items.

Due to security reasons tech products that may have personal data stored on it, require users to sign up or sign in to a device and or where personal identification can be removed from a device, including DNA will not be returned.

Grooming products

“Personal products”

Perishable Goods


If products are required for return this must be made clear before they are sent. Please speak to your point of contact for clarification.


Review Publishing Schedule:

Tech reviews will be published within one month of receipt of goods.

Theatre reviews will be published within one 24 hour period.

Film reviews will be published within 48 hours.

Restaurant reviews will be published within a 7 day period.

Travel reviews will be published from one month after the travel event.

For other publishing deadlines please get in touch with your contact. Reviews as always are at the discretion of the Publisher.

Please make your contact aware of any embargos.

By sending us products you are agreeing to these terms, these terms apply to both physical and digital products.

For further clarification please speak to your contact at TheGayUK. Thank you.