If someone tells you that a word is offensive, don’t argue just accept it.

A parody account of actor Tim Curry has perfectly summed up why, if you don’t find the word f*ggot offensive or the song “Fairytale Of New York” personally offensive you shouldn’t just dismiss other’s exception to the lyrics out of hand.

A Twitter account dedicated to the actor Tim Curry has gone viral after a simple message detailing why dismissing anyone who has an issue with offensive words is pretty much a dick move.


Taking to Twitter the account owner wrote,

“If a person from a marginalised group asks you not to use a word they find upsetting it’s not your job to tell them the word isn’t offensive. Even if you’re also from said marginalised group & YOU don’t think it’s a slur. Your job is to shut the FUCK up & be kind. Bloody hell”.

Although the tweet doesn’t directly mention the Pogues song, which was rated the UK’s favourite Christmas song in 2018, the anti-gay slur, and whether it should remain in the song has been hotly debated over many years.

The Tweet went viral within hours, with scores of people agreeing and disagreeing with the notion.

What’s the problem with “Fairytale of New York”?


The problem with “Fairytale of New York” is the line, “You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy f*ggot.”

Some in the LGBT+ community find the word offensives, while others don’t.

The one key element is that songs that contain other offensives slurs often use edited versions, which either bleep out a slur or have another word dubbed in.

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“Fairytale Of New York” does not have either – and is broadcast as is.

In 2007, BBC Radio 1 did broadcast a version with the word edited, but restored the original after an apparent backlash.

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