The Modern Man: well-groomed, charming, sophisticated, athletic… and just yearning for his chance to let his primal instinct run free.

Born out of the open-culture two friends experienced through travelling the world, Italian circuit brand Jockfighters aims to embody this concept of “The Modern Man”. With gear that not only looks masculine and athletic but will aid its wearer in transitioning from the daytime gentleman, to the primal beast that lays within.

We at THEGAYUK sat down with one of the co-founders, the DILF that is Mr Ivan Bubu, to find out a little more about the brand and just how bad he gets, in order to do good. Don’t worry his Instagram is just below so you can check out this hot daddy…

The Brand

Where did the name Jockfighters come from?

We just wanted to find a strong and unusual name out of the scene. It wasn’t easy but then it came to us ‘JOCKFIGHTERS’. JOCK because of jockstraps, something that holds a man’s most important assets and following the 60s has been synonymous to masculinity and sport. FIGHTERS because the urban man wears our gear in the daily fight of their lives. Together the name brings about a masculine modern meaning, meaning the wearers of our gear are ready for whatever life throws at them.

And what makes Jockfighters stand out from other brands?

Unlike other conventional gay brands, the style and quality of the materials really do stand out. We made these products to endure everything from the gym to the darkroom in one of Berlin’s clubs and not only that, do so in style!

So you talk about the style standing out, how do you bridge the divide between conventional sportswear and fetish/circuit-wear?

We basically make sure every aspect of our designs is related to the desired fetish. The colour palette we use is always black with either red, yellow and blue. Representing the 3 major know fetish colours (fisting, water sports and anal). Sometimes we also incorporate materials such as lycra, that give our gear that sexy fetish feel to them. Oh and let’s not forget out logo… look at it long enough and I’m sure you’ll see that dick!

Ok, so final question Mr DILF. Then we wanna get to know about the sexy daddy behind the brand. What is the one piece from your brand that you think every man reading this should own?

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I think this is a bit of a trick question. Not one piece from my brand will fit every member of the fetish community. The nature of the community dictates that we all have different tastes and fetishes. So my answer to this is simply the one piece that makes you feel comfortable and that you feel your best self in. As long as my customers feel sexy and happy in their gear from us, I’m happy!

That’s a fair point handsome. Very good answer!… Ok now let’s get to know a little more about you!


Your brand references the concept “BE BAD… DO GOOD!!!”… but what does the concept of being bad mean to you?

In the gay community being, ‘bad’ isn’t about actually being bad. It’s about your attitude and the way you act. This means it can be very fun if you’re good at being ‘bad’!

And just how “BAD” have you been in your time travelling? Anything in particular jump out?

Well travelling around gives you the chance to do things, that you are not expected to do. You feel free when travelling, all alone with yourself. Meeting people, exploring boundaries and crossing them… sometimes. I’ve never been bad in the real meaning but in the ‘gay’ meaning, definitely yes! I was a punk and had very alternative experiences across Europe. I was always more of a punk on the outside though not so much a rebel on the inside but a lot of things change as you get older…

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Finally handsome, do you still actively go to events on the circuit? And what are your all-time favourite events to go to?

Yes, I do still go to circuit events but unfortunately, I am quite often disappointed with the music. I have been to circuit events all around the world and they are all fun and great to experience in different ways. In fact, I just started a party in Milan with some friends called DOM party. An all fetish inclusive dance party with international DJs and the music is strictly underground, tech house and techno. You guys should definitely come along soon!

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