This summer’s Big Brother has been exploding Time-Bombs onto our screens left right and centre from the first night eviction, twisted nominations to mass replacements of housemates. The contestants are certainly being kept on their toes this year, as are the audience. However, one housemate who was removed from the house for his naked antics has been the biggest loss of the series so far. Hot out of the BB house I get a chance to natter with Aaron Frew to find out about his journey in the house, his relationship with Joel and of course why he’s such a naked person.


GD: Have you had a chance to relax yet?

AF: Yeah. When I got removed from the Big Brother house I went straight home to see my Mum. I thought I was gonna go back to my flat but I felt the decision to go see my Mum was best and I had a few days rest to gather my thoughts and everything. I came back to London yesterday and I’m thinking roll on now, don’t dwell on the past look forward to the future.


GD: Whilst in the Big Brother House what did you miss the most from the outside world?

AF: I think watching Big Brother from my TV. I’m a massive fan of Big Brother and when you’re in there you’re like “Oh My God I’m in Big Brother”, you know what I mean? It’s like really strange, and obviously I missed my phone because there are so many things you can capture. I said to Big Brother you need to get a camera in there because we could literally rule social media with the pictures we could do in there. I missed my phone and my Instagram.


GD: So did you hand over your accounts?

AF: Yeah, I love social media and Instagram and Twitter and everything.


GD: You’re obviously quite a naked person – did you realise this about yourself?

AF: Yeah, I do a lot of nude selfies and stuff like that. If you’ve got it flaunt it sort of thing. But I know for a fact that in that house I didn’t have the best body to show off. But I know I’m confident in my skin so I’ll show what I have and people like it so it is what it is but obviously it backfired and I offended somebody and got removed, so I just gotta take that on board in the future.


GD: You did spend a lot of time flirting with Joel, was there a connection there?

AF: Me and Joel, we had banter and people called us Jaaron all the time because we’re literally always sat down or in a bath together, but obviously I’ve watched it and they never showed all the conversations. He would ask me all kinds of questions about my life, my upbringing, my sexuality, because where he’s from, he comes from the countryside and I think it’s like Heartbeat it’s very small and not a lot’s really going on so meeting someone like me he’s like “what the hell is this”. I mean obviously I tried to break it down for him so he could understand it all but me and Joel had amazing banter and I feel I’ve gained a friend in there. Obviously me and him have different opinions on things but I think that’s what made us Jaaron. Opposites attract and I hope when he comes out we can go for a coffee or a burger or something, I know he loves his burgers.


GD: Did Big Brother, in your opinion, make the right decision then in removing you?

AF: At the end of the day I broke the rules and I have to come to terms with that. When I was in the moment of doing my naked running around the room I never realised I was breaking the rules but obviously when they’ve broken it down for me, and they’ve shown me what I’ve done, I have to take that on board. I really appreciate what Big Brother have done. I’m not gonna be, “ahh they’re in the wrong”, because they’re not. The rules are there for a reason and I broke them and got removed. Obviously I was upset and devastated but I can’t be angry or anything can I? It’s my own doing and lesson learnt on that one? Don’t run around a room naked! (laughs)


GD: How are things with your mother?

AF: Oh my God, I only just come out to my mum a couple years ago and it’s still like a weird topic for us, so when I came out and went home straight away I was really scared but yeah she’s been really supportive. The last thing she said to me before I left was, “Aaron you’ll always be a winner in my eyes”. She’s been really supportive and I’m really blessed with that.


GD: So she hasn’t told you off for any of your naked antics yet?

AF: No she just said, “can future Aaron please cover up? I don’t want to see your meat and two veg” (laughs).


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GD: You were recently quoted as saying you’ve wanted love for many years and need to make yourself happy first as no one wants you. Did you find your happiness in the house?

AF: Yeah. I watched all the footage from day one until the last one I was in, obviously I was very upset at times but there were a lot of emotions going through my head. As the days went on I became a stronger person and overcome so many fears I had – to go in the haunted room for 12 hours, for nothing, and I had to eat beetles and I hate insects so I literally have started to realise that I’m a strong person. I do need to start living myself a little bit more, but I feel it’s an everyday learning process and it’ll come day by day. So I’ll get there one day (laughs).


GD:…and has there been any romantic offers yet since leaving the BB house?

AF: No not really. Well on Twitter there’s a lot of people saying, “I love you Aaron” and “can you be my prom date” and stuff like that. It’s been very few but no one’s ever asked me to go to a prom.


GD: You’re going to have a busy summer then!

AF: (Laughs) Well let’s see what happens. A lot of young girls say they love me for my energy and character and stuff like that. I’m just blessed that anyone would want to watch me. I really am blessed with this whole opportunity and I genuinely did feel sorry for all the supporters that I had when I came out because I let them down in a way. But, as I say, I can’t dwell on that now. They still love me for me so it is what it is and I have to move on from that now.


GD: If you were in Jack’s shoes would you have taken the car he won and driven off?

AF: No mate because first of all, although it was a very nice present, I was in there for a learning experience for myself and to show my mum what I was about and secondly that car, as much as it was nice, I don’t do white cars mate, they take forever to keep clean.


GD: You could always have spray painted it…

AF: Yeah but I don’t think of that. I’d have definitely declined it. It’s not worth it and even though Jack was very upset about the situation I said to him, “no matter what Jack when you get out this house you’re gonna get bigger and better things than a BMW car.”

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GD: Now that ‘Showbiz’ Simon is back in the house do you think you would have gotten on together or clashed?

AF: It’s funny you say that because ever since he was in the house at the beginning and he got evicted everyone said, “Aaron you’re quite lucky he got removed because he has a big personality and you two would have clashed”. Every day, even though it never got shown, everyone was saying “Aaron he’s returning” and “are you scared”, but obviously they were speculating and speculating right because he did return. But people obviously see two big personalities and think were going to clash and that may have been the case but watching his VT going into the house he’s done a lot of things and I probably would have learnt a lot from him as well. So I like to see it as a negative and a positive but I will never know until I get a chance to meet the guy, but from watching on TV he does say Showbiz a lot, like mate chill out on that one.
GD: Who would you like to see win BB?

AF: Chloe and Jack. With Jack I’ve never really met anyone like that and he’s such a humble guy and he makes my heart melt he really does. I really hope that he wins it. If it’s a girl then Chloe because Chloe represents a kinda girl that’s from my town, even though she lives up north, she reminds me of my sisters, so I’d want to see my sister win it ideally.


GD: What are your hopes for the future?

AF: Always waving the flag of being a Big Brother housemate, I think that’s an absolute achievement, but hopefully continue working in fashion and I’d really really love a job in TV, so if any opportunities come that way I’d take it by the horns and go down that road. I feel my personality comes across best on TV.


GD: Apart from THEGAYUK magazine who would you most like to model for?

AF: I’m one of those people that loves fashion and I’d love to work with Adidas. I love that brand so much and they send me free stuff all the time so I’d love to support them and be a representative of the brand. Whatever brands come forward I’d analyse them and see if they’re suitable for me because I don’t do everything. Like if someone said, “Aaron model our suit”, I don’t really think I suit suit-suits, I suit tracksuits, you know what I mean?

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