Is penis enlargement the new nose job?

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There’s been a lot of talk about Penis size recently and with the revelation that the average size is smaller than you might think, men are still clamouring for that extra inch.


WORRIED: Many men are concerned with the size of their manhood. Our survey found over a third were worried about length or girth.
According to a new survey the average erect penis is 5.16 inches, not the six to seven inches that was usually suspected average. A collective sigh of relief was heard from men all over the world, but that revelation hasn’t deterred men from all over the country making enquiries about penis enlargement.

In a survey, under taken by TheGayUK, it seems as though us Brits are still troubled by willy worry as we found that over a third of men were unhappy with their penis in someway or another. The poll also found that thirty-four percent were concerned about their length and 29% were worried about girth issues, while one in ten of us has considered picking up the phone and calling a surgeon.

WHAT’S DOWN THERE: Despite the average length revealed as 5.16inches, some men have taken to surgery to gain up to an extra inch.


One clinic, the Moorgate Aesthetics clinic on London’s medical mecca Harley Street, has found that enquiries for enlargement surgeries are on the up and are more sought after now than the common nose job, but just what does the nob job actually entail? How much more can you realistically expect to grow from such procedures?

According to Moorgate Aesthetics the average lengthening is around one inch, this is achieved by the cutting of the suspensory ligament. A relatively straightforward surgery and girth can be improved substantially by transferring fat from other areas on your body to your penis. However because fat is a natural substance, it may need a top in the future. However, there is a little downside to the surgery and that is no sex for at least 6 weeks after the procedure, a small sacrifice though for a large improvement!



HAPPY PETE: Many men who have undertaken the surgery are happy with the result – and with a downtime of just 6 weeks, men can gain an extra inch in length – or even more with their girth.

So just why are we so concerned about the length of our penis? Some suspect it could be the influx of well endowed porn stars or the increase of “monster c**k” porn available on streaming services, making us jealous. A spokesperson from Moorgate Aesthetics said, “One of the reasons for their belief that their penis is too small stems from derogatory comments made by sexual partners – comments that are often simply throw-away ones, but that stick in the memory for years to come. For others, it’s a realisation that their penis didn’t grow as it should have done in their formative years.

Many others feel that the size of their penis has prevented them from starting sexual relationships, and now yearn for the chance to develop a lasting and fulfilling sexual relationship with a partner.”


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If you would like to talk with someone regarding a possible enlargement or for more information then contact Moorgate Aesthetics confidentially on 01302 246 130 or visit:

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