Lloyd Daniels has showcased a new slimmer and toned look – thanks to a new lockdown fitness and healthy eating regime.

Using lockdown to achieve his goal, Lloyd has lost a massive amount of weight in just six weeks, thanks to “good meal prep, running and HIIT training”.

The singer, who recently celebrated a three years anniversary with his boyfriend, showcased his brand new look on social media. The pictures show he managed to shave a massive 1 stone and 3 lbs, (about 8.3 kgs) off his frame. An achievement managed by careful diet planning and exercise, including HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. Check out a little more about HIIT from our brand partners, GayFitnessUK.


The former X Factor star and singer who is now famous for his many pride appearances uploaded the candid post on his social media channels and was immediately congratulated by his fans on his efforts.


He captioned his picture, “6 weeks, 1st 3.2lbs & 186km later…”

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“Veritable Adonis”

Fans were quick to show love for the singer, with one user writing, “Wow, great transformation. You have a very sexy body, loving your body hair !”

Another remarked that Lloyd was looking like a “veritable Adonis”.

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Speaking about his new-found fitness, Lloyd remarked, “I feel better… more results to come!”

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