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Locker Room 101: Pride Month Edition

So it’s June, we’re halfway through the year and it is indeed the most sacred month across the globe, for the LGBTQ community. Yes, it is indeed Pride Month! No matter how you’re choosing to celebrate this month, we at TheGayUK want you looking and feeling your best.

So whether you’re hitting a circuit party, relaxing by the pool or marching in a parade. We’re at hand with our pick of the hottest underwear, swimwear, and activewear around. To get you in the mood and celebrate with pride!

1. JJ. Malibu: JJ Pocket Tank Top – BLUE ($18.95 USD)\

First on our special Pride Month list, is the JJ Pocket Tank Top from JJ. Malibu. Experts in cute and sexy activewear, this brand bring their A-Game when it comes to Pride. The tank is made out of a premium cotton and polyester blend, that’s intended to keep you dry and fresh all day long. Featuring a contrasting navy pocket and pineapple embellishment. It’s also a cheeky conversation starter, pineapples are important in a man’s diet after all…

Available at: https://jjmalibu.com/


2. AQUA Swimwear: Southern Cross (£26.73)

Second on our list, is one for the Aussies. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a cute Aussie guy in a speedo? For all the Aussie ex-pats or just lovers of sexy swimwear. The Southern Cross trunks from AQUA Swimwear, lets you show your national pride and booty at the same time. Made from high-quality Italian fabrics, these sexy swimmers are guaranteed to hold their shape for years to come. Oh, and did we mention they’re stain resistant! You know in case of any accidental spillages…

Available at: https://aquaswimwear.com.au/

Use Code: “GayUK” for 20% off sitewide.

3. Modus Vivendi: Mix & Match Zipper Short (£55.63)

Staying strong on the swimwear front for number 3, we have the Mix & Match Zipper Shorts by Modus Vivendi. Definitely a must have, to add a pop of colour to your pride outfit, these shorts are quick-drying and breathable. Allowing you to celebrate into the early hours, whilst staying fresh. If you’re feeling a bit more cheeky as the day goes on, pull the zips up on either leg. Just be careful though, you might end up showing a little too much pride!

Available at: https://e-modusvivendi.com/

4. Andrew Christian: Pride Mesh Brief


Would it even be a Pride Month list without mentioning Andrew Christian? The global phenomenon has brought their pride game once again. Never one to disappoint, this year’s Pride Mesh Brief is no exception. Cute, sexy and breathable with a mesh fabric and elasticated pride waistband. You can’t really go wrong with this one. Keep them as a surprise for that special man in your life or strip down and shake your booty at a circuit party. Either way, they will show your um… pride off well!

Available at: https://www.andrewchristian.com/

5. Modus Vivendi: Vegan Low Cut Brief (£26.49)

Now I know this may seem an odd one to include but being Pride Month, I really thought this deserved a shoutout. Personally, I’m not one that has ever understood the whole leather fetish. Despite being partial to a leather jacket. After having my friend Emil visit last year though, I did start wondering about how Vegans could fit into the fetish scene. It’s kind of a moral minefield for them. On the one hand, they are vegan but on the other, they have a fetish that implies they contradict their vegan beliefs. So how do they get around that?


Well, Modus Vivendi has given an answer. Their new vegan range, simulates the look and feel of leather gear but without harming any animals. I think it’s pretty great they thought about this and gave our vegan brothers an option. Allowing them to fulfill their fetish, whilst staying true to their moral beliefs. Plus did we mention, that they look pretty damn hot!

Available at: https://e-modusvivendi.com/

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