In a homage to her 1998 greatest hits release, #1s, Mariah’s is back with a new best of, and guess what the legs are back too!

Along with a new Greatest Hits, Mariah has signed back to her original label, Sony, under the Epic brand. Mariah left the company in 2001 when she signed the world’s most expensive record contract with Virgin Records. Despite the huge signing, Virgin dropped her after one record after sales bombed dramatically – despite it actually being a good record **go Glitter**

Speaking about the move back to Sony, Antonio ‘L.A.’ Reid, Chairman and CEO, Epic Records said, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be back together again with Mariah,” said Mr. Reid. “There is really no one who comes close to Mariah as both a songwriter and a singer, and as the world knows, her vocal range is legendary and truly incomparable. Her music is indelibly etched into our culture, and she’s shattered so many chart records that she’s now firmly entrenched in the history books. With a fierce and loyal fan base that covers every corner of the globe, I have no doubt Mariah will do it again.”

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