In my opinion there is one and only one classic icon worth mentioning in Hollywood history. Whether gay, straight, bi or Thai, everyone knows and loves Marilyn Monroe in one way or another.

While there are some more emblazoned gay icons to have emerged from history, the Judy’s, the Barbara‘s, the Bettes; for me it was always Norma Jeane that was most relatable to my cowered closeted childhood. Her line in How to Marry a Millionaire, “Men aren’t attentive to girls who wear glasses” immediately made me feel better about my new dorky frames.

Born with an absent father, a mentally unstable mother Norma Jeane was bounced around various carers and foster homes. She was constantly uprooted and very often sexually assaulted or abused during this time and when she was just sixteen she was married off to her high school boyfriend in order to prevent her from being sent to another foster home. No wonder the girl grew up nuts, wouldn’t you?

While most of us know her singing about diamonds or making out with a cross-dressing Tony Curtis, Marilyn appearing in over thirty movies which is an impressive number when you consider she died at age 36.

Here was a woman who famously wore nothing but Chanel No 5 to bed, a woman who worked a billowing white dress and a subway vent to such a level its been parodied more times than anyone could count. The most widely recognised and most famously sexual actress of all time… but she still never found a nice guy. Now tell me you can’t relate to that. A woman every man fantasised about but one that none seemed to love. Now I’m not saying I’m the world’s most sexual freelance writer but I find comfort in the fact while I may STILL be single, even Marilyn Monroe had trouble with men.


Marilyn’s famous relationships included the boy next door, the jock, the affair with the President (and his brother) and the famous Jewish playwright. All of which failed often leaving her heartbroken and unstable… total gay icon.

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Marilyn spent most of her life in therapy, looking at her childhood it’s no wonder. She was supposedly diagnosed with hypersexuality, sleep disturbances, substance abuse and disturbed interpersonal relationships… TOTAL gay icon.

I love Marilyn Monroe; she always seemed to show me that even though you’re beautiful you can still feel insecure and that not everyone is how they seem on the outside. She was beautiful, fragile, loved to sing and dance and was always looking for someone to love. Would have been an amazing hag.

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