PJ is a singer/song writer from London. He admits himself that he is not an instrumentalist, but loves to create music and this comes across in his tracks to date.

He began by recording covers of classic tracks, but has now moved into writing his own music. His self released album You Ain’t Seen The Best Of Me was released a while ago and he’s secured access to iTunes, Amazon and others for his new track and the entire album.

Wills Room, a podcast, showcases some of PJ’s work and is available via iTunes

His new single Twisted Love Song is reminiscent of the best of electronic pop, with his use of vocoder giving a gentle nod to the likes of Cher.

He knows how to get your foot tapping, and he has a gift for lyrics. This is pop at its best, its not deep and meaningful, it’s not bed-sit sad, its not soul searching. It’s pure, unadulterated dance. PJ marries different influences into coherent tracks, sounding like he’s having fun along the way.

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He has several videos on Youtube that showcase his style and give you an idea of his style:

He has a MySpace page:

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And here is PJ’s Facebook page:

Keep an eye on this guy – he makes good music, enjoys himself which is evident and produces infectious music. Suport him if you can.

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