REVIEW | Liza Sings Streisand

★★★★★ | Liza Sings Streisand

It’s a lot of gay men’s wet dream to see the words “Liza Sings Streisand’. Before you get too excited though, n this instance it is Liza with a Zee singing the back catalogue of Barbra but it’s a thoroughly British Liza, Ms Pulman who’s a member of Fascinating Aida. Don’t let the fact it’s not Minnelli disappoint too much though.

This Liza has got style oozing out of her pores and a belting set of lungs that do justice to Barbra in a lovingly curated cabaret show.

This isn’t ‘Stars in Your Eyes’. She doesn’t come out with crimped hair, a false nose and a Brooklyn accent and to be fair, why would she? We know that Barbra is busy in her underground shopping mall viewing her antique collection so a loving tribute is better than an imitation. Liza Pulman is very English and beautifully poised. Dressed to kill in stylish gowns and backed by a six piece band, she starts out with a few brief reminisces about Streisand, recapping some of her career highs. She’s comes across as warm, knowledgeable but definitely more Home Counties than New York.

The primary attraction though is her musical output. She captures Barbra’s style perfectly and it’s no surprise, given her voice, when Liza talks about her own past and operatic training. She’s clearly a Barbra mega-fan and has studied Streisand’s style and rhythmic anomalies. She’s also taken care in choosing a wide range of songs with a few Broadway numbers, as well a sweep through the decades. There are also some musical re-arrangements done in full Barbra style that actually work really well.


Liza is touring the UK through till November with return visits to The Crazy Coqs at Zedel in Piccadilly in May and June. She’s a treat for jaded eardrums and a great night out for any Streisand fans.


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