I get asked to review quite a few things, some are a little “meh” so I tend to pass, some are good and I’ll say so, some are amazing and I’ll gush – this, this little gem is toe-tappingly tremendous! So there!

Like all good gays, I love me a decent beat, something to shake my ample booty to, even if these days its more likely to be shaken in the kitchen whilst making dinner rather than semi-naked in some sweaty club somewhere. This trio deliver that beat, in spades!
Le Grind are a duo formed in a nightclub in Queens, Gareth (writing/production and instrumentation) and Boo (drums/production) met singer Reyna when she out sang a Prince track! Takes some guts and a decent set of tonsils – this lady has both.

Their first single, “I was there (Where were you?)” was an underground hit and received some decent airplay and reviews, with Marc Almond no less (ask yer mum or dad if you are too young!) appearing in their promo.
Next came “Toute Chaud”, which gained support form the likes of Roisin Murphy and Andy Bell and airplay on BBC6 Music, KissFM and Gaydio.
Their latest offering, “Pillow Talk”, mixes electro/funk/disco into an instant hit, and armed with their own dance mixes, this trio are bound for great things.
The promo below is self-produced also and includes their “Tinder” dance move…..I know not what this Tinder is (!) but apparently, it means “onto the next one”!
Give them a listen, tap your toes or tantalise with your tush……either way, enjoy!

Available on Amazon | iTunes
And watch the Le Grind/Adele parody here:

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