Let it grow…

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes is letting her armpit hair grow and it’s divided fans of the original “Material Girl” on Instagram.

The 21-year-old model was posing in a happy photo with her legendary mother in a picture captioned, “We are Ready For You 2018!”

Mother and daughter looked very happy as they rang in the New Year, but it seems as though Lourdes’ choice to let her underarm hair grow has caused division amongst the fanbase.

One sickened user wrote, “Shave it” while another wrote, “Ummm. Why??. I’m done following Madonna.”

Another fan explained, “She’s Italian. Have any of you ever been to Europe? Stop making mean comments about her underarm hair. It’s a natural thing on Europe and all over the world. Just because you don’t like it, don’t put others down. Live and let live. She’s beautiful just the way she is”

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Some users were quick to suggest that the look was “not normal” in Italy or Europe.

Another championed Loudres’ look by saying, “Who gives a f**k about underarm hair? So what? If you’re offended then go back to your own Edwardian era”

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Be happy people, be happy.

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