Our grooming expert Thomas Swallow is here to guide you on how to take the heat, keep cool on your morning commute and breeze through that client meeting.

It’s no secret that over the last few years London has had some pretty amazing summers.

However, I’m also sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed, that Londoners don’t handle the heat well. Especially in the underground. The Central Line has become public enemy number one, and the once hated District Line is becoming a safe haven of air-conditioning bliss. With commuters turning into puddles on their morning commutes and meetings becoming awash with sweat-stained shirts. Our grooming expert Thomas Swallow is here to guide you on how to take the heat, keep cool on your morning commute and breeze through that client meeting. You can thank him later!

23:00 pm

If you want to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the day. The first thing we need to do is do a little prep the night before. I promise it isn’t complicated boys, just simply apply roll-on antiperspirant before bed to your pits and lower back.

A little known fact is that antiperspirants are intended to be used in the evening, and this is when they are most effective. It’ll stop you waking up in a puddle and ensure you have a better night’s sleep. Getting you in the right frame of mind to start the day.

07:00 am

So we’ve had a dry and restful night’s sleep, and now it’s time to start the day. Grab your caffeinated beverage of choice, I recommend a double shot of espresso and head to the bathroom to get this show on the road. While our coffee is cooling, it’s time to jump in the shower. Get some lukewarm water running and scrub a dub dub. In the summer, I always use an acidic shower gel such as Bulldog’s Lemon & Bergamot, that helps to unclog my pores and keep my skin clear and fresh. Essential when applying the SPF boys, we don’t want spots!

Once my body is squeaky clean, I then turn my attention to my face. Turning down the temperature slightly, I apply my facial cleanser (currently loving the Recipe for Men Facial Cleanser) and then follow this up with my facial scrub. It’s important to note here guys that you shouldn’t over-exfoliate your skin. Keep the facial scrubbing down to twice a week and your skin will be glowing.

07:15 am

Now we’ve jumped out of the shower, it’s time to drink our coffee and brush our teeth. We definitely don’t want morning coffee breath! On days when I need to look my best, this is the time I’ll pop on a clay mask to smooth out my skin and soak up any excess oils, the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask is a personal favourite. Essential if you want to remain shine-free on the tube.

While the mask drys, pop on some body moisturiser and apply some more antiperspirant. Better to be safe than sorry after all. About 10 mins later, it’s time to wash the mask off and move on to the next step.

07:25 am

Yet another mask you’ll be glad to know. Know this seems a bit excessive but like Yet another mask you’ll be glad to know. Know this seems a bit excessive, but like the clay mask, this is only on days I need to look my best. Pop on an Energising Sheet Mask from Bulldog and style your hair while it does its’ magic.

A winning hair combo at the moment for me is the Sidekick Zero Pre-styler and Night Fiber Paste by Danish brand By Vilain. One of the only combos to keep my hair in place, all day long. Definitely an investment worth making.

07:35 am

It’s been about 10 minutes now, and the sheet mask has done its’ work. So pop that sucker off and drop your towel. It’s time to get dressed. Even though it’s summer, it’s still important to look ‘presentable’ at work. So down a crisp white linen shirt and pair it with some well-fitted trousers and black leather shoes. You’re dressed for success.

07:45 am

Now we’re all suited and booted, and the excess from our face mask has soaked in. It’s time to finish prepping our face. It’s time to moisturise, and I can’t recommend one more than the Recipe for Men Anti-Shine Moisturiser. This bad boy has kept my skin matte even through the hottest of summer days and is a definite essential for any city-dweller during summer.

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Mix a bit of their bronzing cream in for a subtle sun-kissed glow and follow up with their eye gel to reduce the appearance of any dark circles.

07:50 am

Now we’ve waited for 5 minutes to let all that goodness to soak in. It’s time for the final two steps of our morning skincare. Firstly, slap on the SPF! Sun damage is the number one cause of ageing to our skin, and so apart from the obvious health benefits, it’ll hold off the wrinkles. I’d personally recommend an oil-free option such as Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence. It’ll keep you protected with an SPF of 50 but also won’t undo all the hard work we’ve just done and make you a shiny mess.

Secondly, grab a powder bronzer and lightly dust your forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Not only will this give you a subtle glow and carve out your features, but it’ll also help keep you matte throughout the day. Powder absorbs oil after all.


08:00 am

The final step before we head out the door now boys. We are dressed for success, and our skin is summer-ready and sweat-proof. It’s time to accessorise. My go-to accessories at the moment are these sunnies by Banton Frameworks and this navy briefcase from Maverick & Co.

A good pair of sunnies is definitely worth the investment. Not only are they a quintessential summer style staple, but unlike their cheaper counterparts, they actually protect our eyes from sun damage. This pair from Banton Frameworks fits the perfectly. High-quality, stylish and unique enough to make you stand out amongst the sea of Ray-Bans.

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Similarly to the sunnies, a good quality briefcase is always worth the investment. You’re not aiming for something to use for a season here guys but something that will stand the test of time. Aim of a stylish staple and not a ‘trendy’ throwaway. Maverick & Co. fit the bill here perfectly. Creating a range of contemporary briefcases, that are high-quality and will last you well into your next promotion. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had on mine so far guys. They’re definitely worth checking out. See their entire range here.

So there we have it guys, you are now ready to take on the day and beat that summer heat. Close that door behind you and show the Central Line who’s boss!

Photo Credit: Matt Spike
Instagram: @original_matt_spike
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