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  • MUSIC REVIEW | DISCO – Unashamed, Pure Unadulterated Joy from start to finish!

    MUSIC REVIEW | DISCO – Unashamed, Pure Unadulterated Joy from start to finish!

    Kylie Minogue has always been an enigma. From her PWL days to the Deconstruction Indie-Kylie era, right through to 2018’s country-themed “Golden”. The pop-stalwart has always endeared the public with her creative talents and in a world when we are unable to go to the local discothèque and dance until dawn; it seems odd for […]

  • ALBUM REVIEW | Christmas, With Love – Leona Lewis

    ★★★★ | Christmas, With Love, Christmas, With Love, Album Review: The Voice Returns For Christmas. I’ll admit, I love a bit of Leona; I remember watching X Factor in 2006 as she took the X Factor crown and embarked on a journey to becoming the most successful artist to survive Simon Cowell’s talent competition. Sadly, […]

  • ALBUM REVIEW | The X Factor Album

    ★★★★ | The X Factor Album Did you know X Factor is ten years old and that the programme, whether you’re a fan or a hater has generated millions of sales and brought about a new era in music. If you think that every X Factor winner or entrant sounds the same, then all you […]

  • MUSIC REVIEW: This Christmas

    Set aside the cringey music video for the album’s lead single ‘I Think You Might Like It’ and you’ll find one of the best holiday albums released in a while, filled with classic, classy and expertly produced Christmas favourites including ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ (with Cliff Richard), ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’ (with […]

  • ALBUM REVIEW | Frankie Said

    As a babe of the 80s my knowledge of Frankie Goes To Hollywood isn’t just limited to that Virgin Atlantic ad. Although admittedly my childhood music taste was mainly limited to one perfectly formed Aussie Pop Temptress.