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Next Year In Jerusalem

Manny, devout to his upbringing, is set to marry Rivka, the Rabbi’s daughter. But Manny has a secret only Charlie, an openly gay man in an Orthodox Jewish family can understand. Starring: Peter J. Byrnes, LinDel Sandlin Runtime: 1 hour, […]


The Second Coming

Carlos and Ben, two high school classmates in New York, are falling in love despite homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic attacks. Together they join forces with an underground resistance which produces and broadcasts videos challenging the fundamentalists. Starring:Al Giordano, Jeff Constan, […]


Abrupt Decision

Ten minutes after Denis went to his office he was fired and his entire world changed. After twenty years of dedicated service to an indifferent company he knew there has to be more to life than this. A stray dog […]


Finding Mr Wright

When an ambitious, serious-minded talent manager is forced to attend a wilderness therapy retreat weekend to save his disastrous, Hollywood-starlet client’s career, he has no clue he is about to fall unexpectedly head over heels for her new, awkward, fun-loving […]



Moses suffers from seizures that manifest themselves as religious visions from a spurned goddess named Glintentica, who is planning her second coming to earth. When Moses meets David, the man of his dreams, Glintentica is intent on taking over David’s […]



A naive young man, Guy did not think that he would fall in love with a criminal nor that their passion would ignite the fire that burns down a local evangelical church in small town America. Starring: Matthew Burnett, Patrick […]



When Kevin loses his third job in six months his girlfriend gives him one week to find another job. At his wits end he enters a drag contest to try and win a cash prize Starring: Ricky Reidling, Albertossy Espinoza, […]


More Than Friends

Growing up in Chicago, Angela (a heterosexual female) never realizes that her best friend Tennille (a dominant female) is deeply in love with her. After realizing the love that she’s been longing for has been right in front of her […]



David sets out to find true love and invites his ex-boyfriends to his pool to see if there really is a match. Starring: Inge Jaklyn, Marcus Harwell Runtime: 1 hour, 26 minutes Release: 2010 IMDB: 3.3/10   Other Genres: Action […]


Altitude Falling

Horrified at the abuse of his invention, Greg moves to a small mountain town and falls in love with Danny. After landing his lover a government job, Greg discovers that Danny will soon be embarking on a mission that he […]


Fun Down There

Fun Down There follows a week in the life of Buddy, a naif who arrives in Manhattan ready to fall in love. The film’s dry tone lends a refreshingly casual quality to the sex scenes – plus, there’s a happy […]


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