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  • That new James Franco and Nick Jonas film looks mighty homoerotic

    That new James Franco and Nick Jonas film looks mighty homoerotic

    What happens when you put James Franco and Nick Jonas into the same film… Well it becomes a film about hazing and horseplay in college dorms. Obvs. Well the new trailer for Goat, starring a rather dreamy looking Nick Jonas and a completely ripped James Franco has hit our small screens and well it looks… […]

  • Happy Birthday James Franco Here’s His Hottest Moments

    James Franco was 38 yesterday and to celebrate the “a little bit gay” film star’s birthday we’ve looked through his hottest Instagram moments. James Franco is the king of Instagram. He really lets you into his life and isn’t afraid to expose various aspects of his personality – which is why he’s basically f8cking hot. Here are […]

  • The Celebrities Who Have Said They’re A Little Bit Gay

    Maybe this is a trend, but a number of celebrities have announced that they are a little bit gay or bisexual. We have a look at who has opened up about their sexuality but not labelled themselves specifically as gay or bisexual.   Mickey Rourke Embed from Getty Images   In February 2016, Mickey Rourke, […]

  • James Franco Says He’s Gay… Up To A Point

    James “is he, isn’t he” Franco has admitted that he’s gay – up to a point. James Franco, 36, who is well-known for his homoerotic Instagram posts and for playing gay characters has said that he’s gay – up to a point. That point being intercourse. ADVERT In an interview with a gay magazine FourTwoNine […]

  • James Franco Reveals What He Looks Like In A Bikini

    If you’ve ever wondered what James Franco looks like in a bikini, now’s your chance. The actor revealed his bikini body on his Instagram… Wearing nothing but a peach two-piece and a blonde wig we think he looks kind of cute! It’s for a show called Making A Scene on AOL Originals.  

  • US Defies Anti-Gay Laws With Screening Of Gay Film

    The US Embassy looks like it will defy anti-gay laws in Russia by adding a screening of I AM MICHAEL to a film festival it is sponsoring in September. Amfest, which will run from the 16-27th September in Moscow and St. Petersburg announced that it added Justin Kelly’s directorial debut, I Am Michael, starring James […]

  • James Franco plays gay again

    James Franco is obviously intending to get his a place in the Guinness Book of Records for playing gay-for-pay with his clothes on more than any other straight actor in Hollywood. His latest movie Wild Horses is about a Texas Ranger Samantha Payne (Luciana Duvall) who reopens a 15-year-old missing persons case, uncovering clues linking […]

  • FILM REVIEW: Kink, The no-holds-barred documentary on Kink

    KINK.com is the largest producer of online BDSM porn movies in the USA and was started by Peter Ackworth, a Brit, from his Dorm Room at school in the UK in 1997. Now based in an enormous defunct Armory Building in San Francisco with many of the original facilities untouched as they make prefect sets […]

  • FILM REVIEW | The Interview

    ★★★ | The Interview With the North Korean Government furious about the Hollywood comedy that dared to portray an assassination of their Supreme Leader, they hacked into Sony’s computers and scared the Studio to make them panic enough to withdraw the movie from all US screens before its release date on Christmas Day. Even President […]

  • Want To See Zac Efron Sex Face?

    Now we know this is a little old (like three days already) but we thought we’d revisit the Zac Efron climax without hands skit with James Franco and have a closer look. Now with the miracle of the pause button and screen grabs we are able to bring you a closer look at Zac Efron’s […]

  • James Franco And Seth Share Naked Hug

    James Franco, yes he of the keep you guessing rumours is set to spark more talk after he and Seth Rogen share a completely naked hug. The pair has recently filmed a new show for Discovery, called Naked And Afraid which sees them cavort in the wilderness completely starkers. The show on Discovery follows people […]