Now we know this is a little old (like three days already) but we thought we’d revisit the Zac Efron climax without hands skit with James Franco and have a closer look.

Now with the miracle of the pause button and screen grabs we are able to bring you a closer look at Zac Efron’s sex face.

Impressive. Well not really, but we had 10 minutes and we were wondering what to fill our times with.

In the video, Zac Efron is being interviewed by James Franco, who is playing the character Skylark, a get in their and ask the big questions kind of presenter in the US.

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Zac then talks about how he can climax with no hands – and that he masturbates 17 times a day. All we can say is #RedRaw.


Of course, it’s all a spoof to promote James’s next movie The Interview out in December.