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  • FILM REVIEW | Palo Alto

    ★★★★ | Palo Alto The directorial debut of Gia Coppola, Palo Alto is an exploration of high school teenagers experimentations with sex, drugs, and alcohol, and it’s an impressive debut. Coppola, the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola and niece of Sofia Coppola and Nicholas Cage, turns James Franco’s book of the same name into a […]

  • James Franco Debuts Blonde Ambitions

    James Franco, the man who can create publicity by just breathing, has debuted his 90’s inspired blonde look. The actor James Franco ,35, has debuted his blonde look in a post on Instragram in which he said, ‘That Late 90s bleached look.’ And we have to say we’re loving it. He looks like a cross […]

  • James Franco Will Suck Your D**K No Joke

    So James Franco is going hell for leather on the homoerotic artwork after he uploads a post saying he’ll suck your wobbly bits – no joke. In an Instagram upload the artwork of a man, presumably a self portrait of James Franco says: ‘James Franco 818-300-6254 He Will Answer And He Will Suck Your Dick […]

  • James Franco Shows Off More Homoerotic Seth Rogen Artwork

    James Franco’s Instagram is a weird and wonderful thing, giver of naughty pics. And James Franco’s latest postings are no detractors from this previous posts. The actor uploaded two more pictures of his artwork of fellow actor Seth Rogen, with the message: ‘MORE SETH ROGEN PAINTINGS – they’re COMING!! PACE GALLERY – NYC OHWOW GALLERY […]

  • James Franco In Bed Selfie With Keegan Allen

    Thank Liza For Instagram… Sometimes we can’t believe the gay coming out of that platform, we love it! James Franco, who is fast becoming the selfie king has just posted this rather sweet pic of him in bed with Keegan Allen. If you’re not sure who Keegan Allen is – he’s most famous for his […]

  • James Franco Shows Off His Peachy Asset NSFW

    We love James Franco, he’s worth his weight in gold…. James Franco, the man who keeps everyone guessing, has revealed his prize asset on Instagram today, showing his peachy bottom for the world! He published a picture of his bum and then deleted it. The picture was taken from a deleted scene in his 2000 […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Interior Leather Bar

    ★★★ | Interior Leather Bar Director William Friedkin claims that he had to take his notorious movie Cruising about the gay S&M sub-culture to the US Ratings Board on 50 occasions before they would give him a ‘R’ certificate that permitted it to be shown in cinemas. Whether that is totally true or not is […]

  • James Franco In Bed Selfie With Keegan Allen

    Thank Liza For Instagram… Sometimes we can’t believe the gay coming out of that platform, we love it!

  • First Look At James Franco’s Kink

    Produced by Milk star James Franco and directed by Christina Voros, new documentary film, Kink, explores the world of photographers whose 9 to 5 job is photographing Kink.

  • FILM REVIEW | Milk

    Powerful, heartfelt and a strong testament to a force with that was Harvey Milk, the first openly gay political powerhouse that ran for major in San Francisco in the late 70s.