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  • CAR REVIEW | The 2019 Skoda Fabia

    CAR REVIEW | The 2019 Skoda Fabia

    Skoda know their market and their customers very well and they build excellent cars. The Fabia isn’t trying to be a hot hatch or hipster, retro styled lifestyle accessory. It’s a well engineered, safe, pretty & fun car that’s packed with equipment.

  • CLASSIC CAR REVIEW | Skoda Felicia Fun

    Oh Felicia, Where The F***K Are We? You wouldn’t necessary associate the word “fun” with Skoda. Well, certainly not in the 1980s. Despite a good record in rallying and great advertising, Skoda was stuck in the lower echelons of the new car world. Even in 1989 with the release of the front wheel drive Favorite […]