The publicity for this speaker makes a bold statement about the dock based speaker systems being back, and back with a vengeance.

This new speaker from Majority combines every possible connection so that, whatever your device, you can use this item.
It can appear larger than your usual speaker – think a larger version of Apple TV in terms of shape but it packs a lot into that and makes sure you get to hear your music, TV and films at a decent volume for such a well priced item.
This speaker, at first glance, might appear a little large but consider this – they are pitching it to play tunes for your iPhone or iPad using the lightening link so it works with the later iPhones, iPads and iPods so the base needs to fit all these models in a standing position.
It is sleek with nothing unnecessary about it at all, no protruding buttons, simple operations, a decent remote and straightforward instructions to set up and operate.
Once you get passed the initial set-up, sort out the clock and consider the alarm settings (always good to have!), the rest is easy to do. Play from your iPhone or iPad simply by popping your device on the link – with an added stand included to help support and cradle your device.
For those of us with older iPods or other devices that won’t fit the lightening connector, there are other options. These include a very easy to use bluetooth connection that can simply link any bluetooth device within 8 metres.
Add to this a very easy to use line in/out cable (which is provided) and older devices that don’t fit the attachments or don’t have bluetooth are still usable with this speaker. Really easy to pop the cable in to whatever device you have (use the headphone socket) and use the correct button on the remote and off you go!

This action packed item has everything you need to make sure that your various devices have a voice, a decent speaker. I’ve used it to watch Gossip Girl on Netflix, an Andreas on iTunes and my various playlists form my old 2nd gen iPod and it’s a dream!
The Positive

▪ Easy set up

▪ Decent sound

▪ Can be used with a multitude of devices
The Negative

▪ Possibly the size?

Price: £49.95 and available from Amazon
Ok, so I have used Sonos and Bose for my music and this little titan (pun intended) works wonders and for so many devices! It’s sound is good, its easy to use and set up, and it costs under £50!
Our Rating: ★★★★



Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm x 50mm

HD sound 25 watt speaker system

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Bluetooth enabled

Mains Power (UK & EU lead included)

Audio Input: 1 x 3.5mm Mini Jack Socket

Built-in MFI lightning dock connector

Compatible with: iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 / 6+ / 6s / 6s+ / iPad 4 / iPad Air 1 / 2 / iPad Mini 1 / 2 / 3 / iPod Touch 5th Gen / 6th Gen / iPod Nano 7th Gen / future Apple models.

Dual Alarm with snooze function

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Built-in FM radio

Dimmable LCD screen with 12h / 24h settings

Wireless remote control


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