With Pride Month looming just around the corner, our grooming expert Thomas Swallow is on hand to help you look and feel your best.

With Pride Month looming just around the corner, our grooming expert Thomas Swallow is on hand to help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re gonna be chilling on Hampstead Heath or living your very best life at pride. Here are our top grooming product picks for the month. Prepare for the compliments boys!


1) By Vilain: RUSH Shampoo and Conditioner Duo (£33.30)

First on our list this month, is Danish haircare brand By Vilain. Founded by twins (Rasmus and Emil), who have pretty great hair. Have to admit, I have a little bit of hair envy here!  I’ve recently been trying out quite a lot of their products and so far I can’t find one, that I don’t like. In particular, their RUSH Shampoo and Conditioner combo have become a quintessential part of my morning routine. Keeping my hair fresh and conditioned, whilst the menthol effect energises me for the day. My hair game has been on point lately guys, so definitely check this duo out.

Available at: https://www.slikhaarshop.com/

2) Recovery Room: Protein Body Moisturiser (£14.99)

Next on the list, is the Protein Body Moisturiser by Recovery Room. Now if any of you follow me on social media (@urbanmaleuk if you don’t), then you’ll know over the last few months I’ve been putting my body through it in the gym. Completing my own personal fitness challenges and putting training methods to the test. So basically, my body has been pushed to its limits quite literally.

One of the things I’ve noticed from this is my skin has been quite irritated from all the exercise and having eczema, I try to minimise any irritation to my skin. What this moisturiser did, is calm down my skin. Which if you’ve ever had a skin condition like eczema, is pretty phenomenal. More so, it is loaded with plant proteins and amino acids to aid recovery post-workout. So whilst my body was constantly being battered and my skin was quite literally telling me to do one, this moisturiser stepped up. Eczema or not, if you’re hitting the gym this summer definitely pack this into your gym bag. I promise you won’t regret it.

Available at: https://www.recoveryroombodycare.com/

3) PROVERB: Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser (£55.00)

Third on the list this month, is the Oil Balance Pro Moisturiser from PROVERB Skincare. Although a more expensive moisturising option, this product definitely gives you bang for your buck. Having quite an oily T-Zone myself, especially after a journey on the Central Line or the Pits of Hell, as commuters will know it. My skin is often left on the wrong side of shiny and what I noticed when using this moisturiser, is that my skin didn’t get this shine. Don’t get me wrong it was all supple and dewy but it didn’t look oily. So if you suffer from a bit of an oily T-Zone or have oily skin in general, definitely give this one a go. Make the investment and I promise you, you’ll thank me for it.

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Available at: https://proverbskin.com

4) Bulldog Skincare: Energising Sheet Masks (£12.00 for 8 masks)

So next on the list, is a brand I hold dear to my heart. Bulldog is just one of those brands, that gets it right. No fuss, affordable male skincare, that’s high quality and these sheet masks are no exception. Like all sheet masks, they are intended to give a short term effect but with instant results. Unlike most sheet masks we see in the UK though, they are made from unbleached bamboo and are dehydrated. Yep that’s right, we add the serum ourselves. Which I personally love. The idea of a sheet mask sitting soaked in serum over a period of days, months or even years before we use it, is not the most comforting of thoughts.

Simply add enough serum to coat the entire mask and then unfold, to reveal the mask. Leave it on for about 5-10 mins and you’re left with radiant looking skin. Great for those mornings when you’ve not had enough sleep or if you just have a special occasion to go to. The morning of pride for example… Another great addition for our bearded fellas is that the beard line is detachable. So no longer will that pesky face mask fall off your face.

Available at: https://www.bulldogskincare.com

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5) MAN CAVE: Micellar Cleansing Water (£6.00)

Last on our list this month, I think is a pretty special find. MAN CAVE has recently brought out a Micellar Cleansing Water targeted at men and I think it’s gonna save my skin during summer. If you don’t know what Micellar Water is, it’s essentially a no-fuss way of refreshing skin. You simply rub the product onto the skin and it helps break down any dirt or residue. No water or harsh scrubbing needed.

Now although this isn’t a new concept, it is the first product of its kind that I’ve seen targeted to men. Imbued with the refreshing Woodsman scent from the brand, it’s by far the easiest way I’ve found of refreshing my skin on the go. Which during summer in London, will be a godsend. So for any city dwellers out there, pop this in your work bag and reap the benefits all summer long.

Available at: https://mancaveinc.com/

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