One amphitheatre, throw in Carry On Cleo and Up Pompeii, with a pinchus of Widow Twankey, equals: Captain Show-Off – oh yes it does!

Phil Willmott from Gods & Monsters Theatre (GMT) has played with the Roman comedies of Plautus and put together a family show that will give gladiators of all sizes a decent 75min diaphragm workout – for the price of a Trojan Horse – totally freeus.

Roman identical twin boys Aroggantius (Eddie Eyre) and Timmidius (Paul Kendrick) were separated at birth – their mother Queen of Waitros travels to Tesgos in searchus of the missing sonus – but ends up in a kinky encounter with landlord Stenchapix’s (Joseph Wicks) pointy poker.

A case of mistaken identity mixed with a couple of love stories, slaves, and a dash of audience participation. All stirred in with shoulder-shaking vocals that could penetrate the most elaborate Roman armour, delivered by Foximinx (Anne Odeke). Odeke shone as bright as Apolla and was the clear ruler of the stage Empire.

Stenchapix was no doubt also separated from his twin at birth – you’ll feel Frankie Howerd’s presence throughout the performance.

GMT’s work should be applauded for bringing theatre to all walks of life without gold crossing palms. The Scoop is as easy on your bum as the first few rows of Rome’s colosseum 70 AD – ya might wanna bring a cushion.


London’s Free Open-Air Theatre Season 2015:

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Part of the More London Free Festival The Scoop,

More London Riverside,

London SE1 2DB

Wednesday 5th – Sunday 30th August 2015

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