THEATRE REVIEW | Dick Comes Again

★★★ Once again, Leicester Square Theatre has provided an outrageously camp panto that hovers on just the right side of obscenity.

Dick (Dave Bibby) and his trusty but drunk sidekick, Dave the Cat (Nick Read), agree to help Alice Fitznicely (Laura Hyde) sail the Leaky Vessel up Streaky Crack to find her family jewels and the key to her chas-titty belt. They are aided and hindered along the way by Sofonda Cox (Soho legend, The Very Miss Dusty ‘O’), Queen Runt (Paula Masterton) and Fairy Bell-End (Laura Curnick).

With a few of last year’s jokes re-used, this production could, perhaps, have benefitted from some more original material, but it’s a small complaint. The old jokes are still relevant and the new ones manage to shock and delight in equal measure – there were a few audible gasps from the middle-aged ladies sat in front of me who shrieked and squealed throughout the evening.

The innuendos come thick and fast in almost every line of Stuart Saint’s script with moments of genuine hilarity. Plenty of twerking and some superb performances from the very colourful cast further enhance the deliciously filthy pantomime atmosphere.

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The best laughs of the night, for this critic anyway, come from Dave the Cat, a drunk sexed-up version of Puss from Shrek (complete with dodgy Spanish accent). Nick Read performs his role brilliantly and shines through an already bright cast. Laura Hyde’s Alice is another particularly splendid performance, playing the role in the time-honoured over-the-top panto manner.

Golden showers, S&M, Asian ladyboys and even a 14” dildo complete the ingredients for this fun Soho night out with plenty of suitably cringe-worthy audience participation.

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DICK! COMES AGAIN: BIGGER, LONGER, HARDER! plays at the Leicester Square Theatre until 19 January.

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