★★★★★ | Ghost Quartet, Boulevard Theatre, London

Ghost Quartet review

It’s not what I was expecting, but Ghost Quarter is simply superb.

The first show in the brand new Boulevard Theatre in the area of Soho that used to house porn shops, a gay cinema, and all things seedy (it’s Walkers Court), Ghost Quartet is a great and auspicious debut for the theatre. While I was expecting something a bit more risqué in keeping with the theme of the neighbourhood, Ghost Quartet is a musical experience I recommend you don’t miss!

The Boulevards circular two-level theatre is perfect for this, or any other kind of show. The musical quartet (Carly Bawden, Niccolo Curradi, Maimuna Memon, and Zubin Varla) all sing and perform many musical instruments in 23 songs in a 90-minute show. The thread of these songs relate to the telling stories of life, loss, ghosts and death. The shows interwoven songs are performed by the four musicians who each play four different characters, all reminiscing about a deceased woman named Rose. Memon has a blissful yet haunting voice while Bawden has the most poignant song to sing – ‘Midnight’ – with the final words ‘let the dead stay dead’ in the shows second to last song.

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Varla is very good on the piano while Curradi excels on other instruments. But it’s the women’s vocal that stay with you – especially Memon’s.

Ghost Quartet has to be seen. It’s an excellent show in a fantastic new theatre that’s an amazing and radical addition to this neighbourhood.

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Ghost Quartet plays at the Boulevard Theatre until the 4th January. Book Here

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