Miss this at your peril. It's riotous fun and yes, it's pretty darn hot but don't fear, it's also ideal for a sultry summer night in the air-conditioned Coliseum. 

★★★★☆ | Kiss Me Kate, London Coliseum

Kiss Me Kate London review

If you want glossy and lavish then look no further than this stunning revival of Cole Porter’s classic 1940s musical. It’s a musical in the classic tradition with more hot hoofing than you can shake a fire extinguisher at, grand ensemble pieces galore and a raft of witty songs. Your nan would probably love this and I suspect she wouldn’t be alone. You’ll love it too.

Opera North’s witty revival of this foppish tale of theatre people bickering endlessly whilst they stage ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ is a real gem. They’ve polished up this antique till it positively gleams. The sets and costumes are things of beauty and at times exceed the pace of the show.

There’s a perfectly executed tap set piece performed by suave young Alan Burkitt and the extended version of the classic ‘Always True to You in My Fashion’ is note perfect with a superlative performance from Stephanie Corley. Yes, it’s slightly uneven with occasional lulls in the first act but the second act is a blink and you’d miss it joy from start to finish.

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Miss this at your peril. It’s riotous fun and yes, it’s pretty darn hot but don’t fear, it’s also ideal for a sultry summer night in the air-conditioned Coliseum.

Runs until 30th of June 2018 – tickets available from £11.90

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