★★★★★ | Muzik, Leicester Square Theatre, London

It takes someone with a lot of talent, energy, charisma and pizzaz to keep you mesmerised, enthralled, entertained and laughing non-stop in a one hour show. Frances Barber does just this playing Billie Trix in the show ‘Muzik.’

Barber is, in a word, brilliant in her one woman show where she recounts the life, and acting as, Billie Trix, who was an icon, rock star, screen goddess, and drug addict.

In a show written by Jonathan Harvey and with songs by the Pet Shop Boys, Barber (Trix) tells of her life when she belonged to the Warhol crew (there is a funny joke about a gun and Valerie Solanas – the woman who shot Warhol), to her time in Paris, and how her and her mother never saw eye to eye. The jokes are fast and furious and hilarious. Barber keeps the momentum going singing the hilarious songs about anything and nothing. No stone is left unturned when she, truth or not, recounts the time when she was Donald Trumps lover and how she could’ve been the princess to Prince Harry.

This one hour show is jam packed with her stories; Madonna is in disguise in the audience, and her agent, also in the audience, is happily eating away. If you get a chance go see this show. I knew nothing about Trix, and Barber until now – Barber made me laugh until I cried.

Written by Jonathan Harvey
& Pet Shop Boys

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Leicester Square Theatre
6 Leicester Place
London WC2H 7BX

Wednesday 5 February – Sunday 1 March

Tues-Thurs £22.50, £34.50 & Premiums £42.50
Fri-Sat £22.50, £42.50 & Premiums £49.50
Sun £22.50, £37.50 & Premiums £45.00
These prices are inclusive of all booking fees and theatre levy

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About the author: Tim Baros
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