The concept of nesting with your long term boyf can be about as appealing as being stranded with Katie Hopkins in Halifax’s ASDA car park.

gay boys moving in with each other
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Sharing ya feng shui-ed, Versace Barocco gold leaf and Royal Blue wallpapered boudoir on a permanent basis. Coming home to that bouncy and easily excitable person every night. And of course dividing the responsibility for buying the loo-roll, Lurpack and lube. The colour can drain from a relationship quicker than a pair of over-washed Primark jeans.

Once you’ve stumbled across that compatible stud-muffin and Cupid’s arrow has been firmly wedged deep inside your person – living together is inevitable for most.

Here are three tips from an experienced nester six months in.

1) When your 70 squid pot of face firming cream gets mistaken for Anusol, look on the bright side. It’ll be a smoother ride for you in the long run.

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2) Bottom burps can lift spirits at dawn’s crack. If your partner lets a cheeky one slip first thing, don’t curl your toes in repulsion. Embrace said puff and giggle away your morning blues.

3) Hire a cleaner.

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Take these three gems onboard and look forward to a more harmonious, homo home life.

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