Stand down… Or all rise – whichever is your preference – as Tom Daley announces he is GAY!

We’ve checked and it’s no longer April Fool’s day.

However, after much speculation and news services tripping themselves up calling the Diver gay, then bisexual, Tom Daley has made it clear he is gay and totally in love with DLB.

Hurrah we say.

On April Fool’s day, gay website Queerty ran a story suggesting that Tom and Dustin had split after a picture of Jack Laugher was found on the diver’s iPhone.

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In an interview on ITV2’s Celebrity Juice, Daley declared that ‘I am a gay man now’, and that his relationship with Dustin Lance Black is ‘all good’.

Last year Tom Daley came out in a YouTube clip in which he said that he was in a relationship with a man and very happy – but that he still fancied girls.

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Tom Daley Goes Global a brand new show for the 19-year-old will be broadcast on ITV2 from the 10th April 2014.

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