You’d be forgiven for wondering why so many Sci-Fi shows have such high budgets when you see what Red Dwarf pulls off this week on a far lower one.

The much announced and high awaited “Siliconia”, aka “The One Where Everyone is Kryten” has it all: questions about obedience, sides and morality, an epic fight scene and oh such feels! Yes, hidden behind his android mask and by own admission feeling rather ill because of it, Chris Barrie delivers a heartbreaking speech that will stick with you for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Danny John-Jules gets the laughs this week with several zingers while Craig Charles makes a meal of Lister’s battle against his new android mind taking over.

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In other scenes, Robert Llewellyn shows off the humanised traits of the original Kryten very well as the android questions where his loyalties lay.
An almost cinematic effort by Doug Naylor who by now is clearly a seasoned writer/director.


Red Dwarf XII is tonight (19th October) 21.00 – Dave