Next year Red Dwarf will celebrate its 30th anniversary: a fact that has been marked by many lovingly inserted callbacks throughout the last two series of the show – last week’s recreation of the opening scene from ‘The End’, the series very first episode, was the biggest one to date – but this week’s edition; Skipper, the series finale, is set to take it even further.

Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie) falls into his annual depression when reading an old report the Captain made on him. Reminded of all his failures he laments on the fact he wanted to make so much more of himself in life – and death. Soon he yearns for a chance to make amends. We’ve all been there.

Soon the opportunity arrives when Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) presents the Hologram with a dimension skipping device that allows him to live his life in other and opposite dimensions allowing him to find the reality where he lives the life he always wanted.

 So, after a (very) quick goodbye Rimmer sets off on an adventure that sees him journey through the shows rich history meeting old friends and other versions of his shipmates.

Though we are still hoping for something amazing in the anniversary year (Doug Naylor has mentioned a stage show) this comes very close to an anniversary special: the callbacks, the journey and choice Rimmer makes it both nostalgic and looking to the future in a way Doctor Who did in its 50th anniversary year.

A great closure to the XI and XII series journey that begun in May 2015 that leaves the door wide open for more.
 Happy anniversary Red Dwarf and all who sail her, let’s journey together for many more years to come.

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 Red Dwarf XII continues tonight on Dave at 9PM

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