This week the theme was “sport” and the Olympics. Not words you expect to hear in Drag Race, but the Sport was Jane Fonda based and the Olympics turned out to be in fact “The Olympics of Drag”, so any worry soon disappeared.

For the mini-challenge, we were introduced to a drag friend of Ru’s: Love Connie, who led the queens through a vigorous and funny retro aerobics challenge. For those of you who don’t know: Connie is a rather famous queen, having starred in movies like Legally Blonde. She was also hilarious.

Winners of the challenge were Plastique Tiara and A’Keria C. Davenport who were told to select teams for the Drag Olympics. At the end of the selections, the queens were split evenly into two teams: those who could move and those who … couldn’t …

Over to rehearsals of an intricate choreography based on the history of ballroom culture. This is where storylines came into play.

Yvie Oddly who pushes through the pain because her time is limited: her illness will progress over the years and she knows she may very well end up in a wheelchair (though she knows that still won’t stop her performing.)

There was also the Scarlet Envy story: most of the queens are looking down on her and seemed gleeful about her struggling with dancing.

Vanjie is starting to feel depressed and is a lot more subdued. Fighting through tears she explains she feels she isn’t presenting her best self and letting Rupaul down.

We also saw Plastique Tiara a bit more involved in it all, in Untucked she was actually part of a fight.

Silky accused her of looking down on her and other queens. This because Ariel Versace left some wigs and hair at her (Plastique’s) station which Silky and others took. Plastique knew it was meant for her but said it didn’t matter as the other queens needed it more. Silky saw that as an insult and claimed Plastique couldn’t know the hair was for her. Ariel confirmed on Twitter that yes is was for Plastique.

Okay, the Olympics themselves were fabulous with the teams dancing to remixes of Drag Race quotes past. The only cloud over this was poor Yvie’s ankle rolling, still, it was a joy to see Brook Lynn swoop in to carry her so she could take part in the finale.

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The Runway this week was all about gold. Most memorable being Yvie, who used her injury to her advantage.

The team featuring the best dancers naturally won, with team leader A’keria winning overall.

Then a sad moment where the losing team all deciding to throw Scarlet under the bus, which saw her end up in the bottom two at a disadvantage.

Second-bottom two entree was once again Ra’Jah, who miraculously survived again despite Scarlet’s lip-sync being more original and entertaining. This result caused quite the stir on the internet.

So that’s it for this belated review, hopefully back to normal next week!!

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