Despite a ban on the political party by the organisers of London’s pride parade yesterday, members of UKIP’s LGBT group joined the parade.

◉ 20-25 UKIP LGBT Members jumped the barriers to join parade.

◉ UKIP LGBT deputy chair slams Peter Tatchell.


◉ The group was banned due to “safety” concerns

Around 20 to 25 members of UKIP’s LGBT group jumped the barriers at London’s pride parade yesterday. Their actions were made despite being slapped with a “health and safety” ban by the Pride organisers.

Concerns over safety forced Pride In London organisers to ban the political party. Over 250 organisations, including other political parties were allowed to march in the UK’s biggest gay pride parade.


The ban on UKIP was slammed by many, including Katie Hopkins and openly gay Lib Dem Lord, Sir Brian Paddick, who said, “After years of campaigning to be acknowledged and accepted by society, the last thing LGBTI people should be doing is excluding a group gays and lesbians from Pride that has a legal right to exist.

“The police and organisers should be facilitating their right to peacefully and safely participate, not using understandable hatred of UKIP as an excuse to ban them.”



In a poll by TheGayUK readers, 71% thought that UKIP should have been allowed to march within the parade.

Speaking to TheGayUK Nathan Garbutt, the deputy chairman for UKIP LGBT said,

“There were about 20 to 25 of us in total from all parts of the UK. We were determined to be there despite the ban because we wanted to represent the 2 million people that voted UKIP and the 600 members of LGBT UKIP, who identify as gay and vote UKIP.


“We had a really positive response, until the end.

“The organisers and stewards along the route let us participate.

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This is a free democratic country… We have a right to be there.


“People like Peter Tatchell and the people who got us banned, should be ashamed of themselves… He doesn’t have to agree with our politics, but he should have welcomed us.”

UKIP LGBT plan to appear at other pride events across the UKIP, including Brighton and Manchester. Their next appearance will be at Leeds pride on the 2nd August.

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