Can exercise help with erection issues?
Can exercise actually help with your boner?

Seems like a valid question right? We posted an article recently about the exercises that can help you to last longer in bed (aka Sexercises), but probably the most important thing to an all-nighter is the ability of your penis to maintain its erection for several hours.

Now without giggling, let’s look at some of the research and theories that suggest that a stallion-strength boner could be yours with just a little bit of exercise worked into your weekly routine.

Hopping on the treadmill isn’t likely to have the same effect on your johnson as popping a viagra. However, it’s often helpful in preventing many types of erectile dysfunction (ED) from developing. And more than that, the strength of a man’s erection-his hardness-is the true barometer of his overall health.

1. Improve circulation = improve erections

So according to the science, when a man becomes aroused, the brain sends signals to your junk that leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles with blood vessel walls in the penis. This allows for increased blood inflow inside the erectile tissues of the penis. Blood then fills two “inflatable” chambers inside the shaft known as corpora cavernosa. And there you have it, instant boner.

So it stands to reason that better circulation leads to a stronger and even larger erect penis (in terms of length and girth). This is why when men have heart problems and poor circulation they tend to suffer from ED as well.

Cardio, and exercise in general, causes the blood vessels to dilate and capillaries to open so that blood can flow more effectively, moving to where it needs to be, including your genitals.

They’ll even have improved circulation even when your body is at rest. Fun side-note: the increased blood flow to the skin brings with it the extra benefit of greater sensitivity.


2. Psychological health

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Exercise is well documented at elevating your mood. The release of endorphins during exercise is often connected with an improvement in a sense of wellbeing, often increasing your libido as well as a result.

Tackling some of the underlying issues such as low self-esteem and body image can help prevent forms of sexual dysfunction developing.

3. NEVER skip leg day

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You’ll have heard that you should never skip leg day. As some of the biggest muscles in your body, training your legs burns calories, releases hormones to help your other muscles grow, and can help relax and expand blood vessels in the penis contributing to fuller and harder erections… yup.

4. Boost your Testosterone

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Testosterone has an important role in both central and peripheral contributors to an erection. Testosterone and Growth Hormone (GH) release is proportional to the amount of muscle tissue working; therefore boost your testosterone by making sure you don’t neglect those large leg and back muscles.

Cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone) also has a suppressive effect on testosterone and the effect is more pronounced at night. Cortisol increases if we overtrain (spend more than 90 minutes training hard in the gym) and when we perform steady state cardio (like 10k running and long distance cycling). Therefore, keep your workouts on the shorter, more intense side of the scale (even two 30 minute sessions a day will boost GH and testosterone more than a single 60-90 minute session) and opt for HIIT and interval training instead of the traditional steady state cardio.

Minimising stress via meditation, relaxation and improving sleep quality and length, will also have a significant impact on your testosterone and therefore boner levels.

Get help with your exercise

If you need help with you exercise we can help; getting erections, however, is still your responsibility.

Speak to one of our gay personal trainers about devising a personalised fitness and nutrition program to help you “firm up”.

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