I recently received a question from a reader; “Hi, you always look so great day-to-day, where do you get your inspiration from?”

I look to the stars for help. No, I don’t just stare at the sky and wait for inspiration I mean ‘stars’ as in ‘Celebrities’ of course. Guys lets admit it sometimes we all need a little help when it comes to choosing our outfits and picking out on trend styles that are going to turn heads for the right reasons and not because we’ve left the house looking like a crazy birthday cake.

Celebs have stylists and fashion experts on hand to that are paid to do this job for them every day. It’s only fair that we also benefit from this, right?


But be careful, not all celebrities get it right… Ok, ok you’ve twisted my arm, here my list of on-trend celebs that I take inspiration from when delving into my wardrobe. You’re very welcome.


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Fan favourite David Beckham has grown to be one the best dress and most looked up to men when it comes to fashion and style. People sometimes forget what it is he’s actually famous for. No, not marrying Victoria I mean that other thing… Oh, what was it? Oh yes, football. Blah. David’s classic, English gentleman style is relaxed and perfect for everyday wear in or out of the house.



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Slowly becoming one of my favourite men in the spotlight is Jared Leto. This American actor, singer-songwriter, musician, director, producer, activist, philanthropist and businessman (the man gets around) has his own unique style. It’s a mix of punk rock, hipster and couldn’t give a crap I just pulled this t-shirt from a pile on my bedroom floor. It’s modern, sexy and perfect for days when you want to rough up your look.


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Who doesn’t love a bit of this man? He’s come a long way since wildcats but let’s face it, we loved him back then as well. His laid back style is effortlessly sexy and masculine. He pairs simple pieces with a natural pallet and classic lines to make this fashion style a comforting choice for any man to wear at any time.


Actor Matt Bomer and his publicist husband have three children together. They’ve been together for 13 years.

The god of male designers Tom Ford knows what style is and how to werk it! Before launching the iconic Tom Ford brand he lent his powers as creative director of both Gucci and YSL doing great things with them. His style is glamorous, chic, classic and timeless. Perfect for a gent looking to impress.

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Fashion is unique to each individual. Use this guide as a template and play around with trends, patterns and colours to find your own unique look. Most importantly of all have fun with it!

If you have any questions regarding fashion and trends that let me know and I will do my best to answer

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