We Are Gay UK

Community Guidelines

We have to have a few rules to make sure we keep everything in tip-top shape.

No Haters.

No hate here please. Keep your criticism constructive and not personal. Nobody wins with the line, “she smells.” So keep your snarky comments to yourself and think bigger person.

No Spam.

Nobody likes spam. Even the people who send it secretly hate themselves. Spammy content or anything that reads selly – will be removed.


Don’t troll and don’t feed the trolls.

No Porn.

We’re clutching our pearls at the thought. There are like 1.2 billion porn websites on the internet. We’re not one of them. However you can write about sex, but it cannot be pornographic – there’s a difference.

No Attacks.

Don’t attack people, groups or organisations. We just can’t afford the lawsuits.

No Copying.

If you copy someone’s work and pass it off as your own, without crediting the source, we will literally throw you off a cliff.

Don’t Go Changing.

Once you’ve written something and it’s been published you’re not permitted to change or delete it unless you absolutely must – reasons for changes or deletion could be legal, criminal or social but you must contact editorial if you want to make changes.

No payments.

If you have received payment to post on you will be removed from THEGAYUK platform.

Check out the Style Guide.

So that every article adheres to a site-wide style please check out our style guide.

Check out the terms of the community.

Yep, there’s a little legal bit that we need to you to read. You can find it on the Hub forum