In an interview with Now Magazine Sean Miley Moore, who is starring in X FACTOR said that despite the haters, he is the voice of confidence and a “proud gay man”

Seann Miley Moore has put the haters in their place by telling Now Magazine,

“I’m a proud gay man. Haters are gonna hate, but they’re usually the insecure ones. I just blow them a kiss. Hopefully I can be a voice of confidence.”

The confident singer wowed the judges in his first audition when he sang Queen’s hit The Show Must Go On.

He told the audience and judges that he had flown half way around the world and put his entire life on hold in order to audition for X FACTOR UK.
His confidence hasn’t always been strong. He spoke about a time he was “afraid” and said that how he dressed and behaves is “the new normal”.

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He also told Now how he has in the past suffered verbal and physical abuse. He said,

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“I’ve gone through verbal and physical abuse and people will still shout things as I walk down the street, but it doesn’t faze me any more”.

He was chosen by Nick Grimshaw to become one of the openly gay Radio 1 presenter’s boys, ensuring his place as one of 12 finalists who are to go head to head in the live shows that start tonight (31st October).

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